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The sales department responsible person: Mr. Wang (Sales Manager)

Tel: 025-58187263

Fax: 025-58187203

Mobile phone: 18651908509

A sales:

Tu manager phone: 025-58182728 mobile phone: 13814142224

Sales Department two:

Jiang manager phone: 025-58182070 mobile phone: 13913305125

Sales Department three:

Mr. Lin: Phone: 025-58181109 mobile phone: 15301597632

The company web site: www.njskhx.com


The headquarters office address: Nanjing city Pukou Road No. 1 Metro headquarters building 17

Production and processing of address: Nanjing City Chemical Industrial Park along the Yangtze River Industrial Development Zone Limin West Road No. 8

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 Nanjing Saikuo Chemicals Co., Ltd, specialized in basic chemicals, fine chemicals, comprehensive chemical enterprise production and trade of import and export business! The company is located in China most important chemical raw material distribution center and production base - Nanjing; companies supply varieties are widely used in many fields of medicine, pesticide, paint, color printing, daily chemical, organic synthesis; has strong advantages in basic chemical raw materials, synthetic materials, medicineintermediate, pesticide intermediate, liquid crystal intermediates and a variety of fine chemicals, catalyst, chemical additives, food additives, preservatives and chemical new materials and other raw materials management! The company has strong capital strength and rich experience in international trade and high quality chemical engineering professionals, with many world famous enterprises (such as Germa…


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